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Interview with Filipino-American, Luisa Asuncion


What area of the Philippines are you from?


I am from the capital city of Manila.


What area of the Philippines is your husband from?


My husband is from Pangasina.  It is an area in southern Luzon.


What language do you speak?  What language does your husband speak?


I speak Tagalog my husband speaks Panggalatók.  The languages are completely different, even though they are both spoken by Filipinos. 


How many languages do your children speak? 


My children only speak English, but they understand Tagalog.  Panggalatók is never spoken in the house.


What language do you speak at home?


English and Tagalog are spoken at home.  When speaking to my kids, I usually speak in English because they understand it better than Tagalog.  We also speak Taglish, a combination of both English and Tagalog.  I try to avoid Taglish because it is improper and I do want my children speaking in a poor manner.  My husband and I only speak Tagalog to each other.  When we do speak English to each other, it sounds funny and we usually laugh at each other. 


Do you think that you are losing part of your culture because your children do not speak Tagalog?


Yes and no.  While my kids may not speak the language, they still understand it, so I don’t feel like they are missing out completely.  English is their first language and all of their friends speak it; I don’t want them to feel like outcasts because their English is bad or mixed with Tagalog.  I don’t feel like their culture is completely lost because out house is still very Filipino.  From the food we eat, to the clothes we wear, there is still a trace of our heritage.